Working closely with you, we will:

  • Evaluate your research needs, in the context of what's going on in your industry and your organization.
  • Create a research plan, drawing upon the most advanced research techniques available.
  • Fulfill the project requirements efficiently and keep you up-to-date with the study's progress.
  • Draw clear conclusions that answer your objectives.
  • Remain a trusted partner and resource well after the project is over.

Education Research

Crux has been a pioneer in the field of market research in educational environments. We work with numerous school districts, higher education institutions, publishers, testing organizations, foundations and media seeking to connect closely with their stakeholders and customers.

  • Public Education – Our researchers, have conducted polling work for more than 200 public school districts and understand stakeholders' opinions and garnering their support is essential to the mission of public education.
  • Higher Education - An emerging trend of higher education marketers have begun to apply private sector marketing insight to the marketing of higher education. We can help evaluate your college's position in an increasingly competitive market; track your brand, help you attract more qualified applicants, and convince accepted applicants to choose your institution.
  • Education Markets - Crux researchers have a wealth of experience and are effective at helping education marketers understand the specific needs of educators ‒ and the environments in which they operate.

Youth Research

Youth research is a core expertise of our firm. We employ some of the most widely recognized experts in the youth research field that are often quoted in the national media on youth issues, present at youth industry events and are regarded as a trusted source of insights into the Millennial Generation. We have worked with some of the most well-respected organizations that serve youth, including product marketers, media, agencies, retailers and non-profit organizations.

Generational Market Research

We have found that thinking about consumers as generations sheds a greater light on trends and the future. Today's living generations (GI's, Silents, Boomer, Xers, and Millennials) have unique formative experiences and core traits, and taking a more historic perspective helps lend predictability to the future.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Measurement

Measuring satisfaction is a way to judge marketing effectiveness over time, but on its own, customer satisfaction measurement does not yield actionable information. At Crux, our approach is to provide "outcomes" measurements of satisfaction and loyalty, and at the same time focus on "diagnostic" measures. A meaningful satisfaction and loyalty system needs to show the causes of satisfaction and dissatisfaction and provide actionable insight on areas of customer experience that warrant the most attention. We will work with you to identify what those actions should be.